Advanced Chinese Program will effectively enhance students’ reading and writing ability and skills in Chinese. Students will also learn more about Chinese culture through the classes. They will be able to speak Chinese fluently along with their study. Students are expected to achieve well on SAT and AP Chinese, HSK, YCT tests.

Chinese Beginner class (age 4yr. or up):
Adopt age appropriate learning materials; learn Pinyin, basic Chinese pronunciation, simple Chinese characters reading and writing. The class will also train students to listen and speak Chinese. This class will prepare students for their K level class.

Advanced Chinese (level. K: 6yr old/up):
Pinyin System and Reading: Adopt age appropriate learning materials. Enhance Pinyin, learn basic strokes of Chinese character writing. Reading and conversation. Enlarge vocabulary, make phrases and sentences, etc.

Advanced Chinese (level.1 – 8)
Chinese Reading Comprehension and Writing: Read level and age appropriate Chinese materials. Enlarge vocabulary, learn Chinese phrase and sentence structure. Enhance reading skill and speed. Analyze reading materials, understand and learn different writing styles
(如记叙文,议论文,散文,人物传记,新闻,故事等多种文体的学习及名著赏析等。and start to learn Chinese writing step by step. Gradually build up writing skills.

AP Chinese & Culture (level.9 & up)
The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is roughly equivalent to a 4th semester college course. The course incorporates Chinese cultural information within the teaching of reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the language. Students are expected to have great achievement for their AP or SAT test.

In this class, students will not only have a chance to read and analyze some masterpieces of Chinese literature in different writing styles but also learn a lot about Chinese history through reading. This is really a culture enrichment class.

Good News:

Smile Our 3rd.grade students 蔡子轩, 牛娅萌's essays were published in CSAUS magazine 2013 (IV). 

SmileOur 2nd grade student Ellen Niu (7yr.) was awarded second place in The 1st Chinese Essay Competition in Mid and East America. She was rewarded with a trophy and a $200 prize. 

Ellen's winning essays:

SmileStudents' essays published in Magazine and Newspaper:

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