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Elite Chinese School provides Gifted Chinese, English and Math classes for 10 different levels. SAT/ACT English, SAT/ACT Math, AMC and AP level course will prepare students for their tests. We provide a learning opportunity to take students’ studies to a challenging level. 

The school also p
rovides Chinese classes for non-Chinese language background students and adults.  Art classes are available for all students.



Program Brief Introduction
(Detailed Class Information) 

Advanced Chinese courses
will effectively enhance students' reading and writing ability and skills in Chinese. Students will also learn more about Chinese culture through the classes. Students are expected to achieve well on SAT, AP Chinese, HSK tests.

Conversational Chinese course 
will focus on the training of Chinese communicative competence. It will build a solid foundation for students’ further Chinese study.  

Advanced Math courses will teach students more challenged techniques, train them to solve difficult problems and strengthen the mathematical ablities. PSAT/ ACT, AMC and AIME course will challenge high school student Mathematical ability. Students are expected to achieve highly in math contests and tests. All math classes are taught in English.

Advanced English courses will effectively enhance students’ reading and writing ability and skills in English. SAT English courses will help students achieve well on 
PSAT, SAT, ACT English test.

Activity Programs include Art,  Go(围棋)

Good News:

Smile Our 3rd.grade students 蔡子轩, 牛娅萌's essays were published in CSAUS magazine 2013 (IV). 

SmileOur 2nd grade student Ellen Niu (7yr.) was awarded second place in The 1st Chinese Essay Competition in Mid and East America. She was rewarded with a trophy and a $200 prize. 

Ellen's winning essays:

SmileStudents' essays published in Magazine and Newspaper:

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