What the school should do:
1. Immediately call 911 or contact the building manager.
2. Promptly evacuate everyone from the building.
3. Check all classrooms, hallways, and bathrooms for persons left behind.
4. Leave the building quickly after everyone else is out.

What the teachers should do:
1. Remain calm and bring your students out of the building immediately using the nearest exit and lead them to a safe place outside the building.
2. If it's cold and/or raining, tell the students to take their coats. Leave everything else in the classroom.
3. After the evacuation, take a head count in a safe place.

What the students should do:
1. Don't panic.
2. Follow your teacher's directions and walk without running or talking.
3. Stay with your teacher at all times.
4. If it's cold and/or raining, take your coats.
5. Wait until the principal or committee members tell you to return to the building.
6. Return to the building quietly.

What the parents should do:
1. POD should help teachers to bring students to the safety places.
2. Other parents should join one of the lines of children and exit the building with that class.
3. The teachers will bring the children out of the building regardless of where their children might be located.

Good News:

Smile Our 3rd.grade students 蔡子轩, 牛娅萌's essays were published in CSAUS magazine 2013 (IV). 

SmileOur 2nd grade student Ellen Niu (7yr.) was awarded second place in The 1st Chinese Essay Competition in Mid and East America. She was rewarded with a trophy and a $200 prize. 

Ellen's winning essays:

SmileStudents' essays published in Magazine and Newspaper:

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