Chinese teachers:
Jeanne Jin is an Illinois certified teacher who has been teaching Chinese courses in gifted private school and public school for several years. She graduated from Shanghai University with a major in Language. She is a dedicated teacher who loves working with young children. She is fluent in both English and Chinese.

Li Lu is a certified teacher in Illinois. She has been teaching Chinese courses from second to sixth grade in both private school and public school for many years. She holds a degree in Chinese Literature from Beijing Normal University. She is diligent teacher who enjoys taking on any challenge in her teaching. She is fluent in both English and Chinese.  

Amy Wang graduated from Shenyang Normal University with a major in Chinese Literature. She has been teaching college Chinese Literature both in China and America as well as teaching Chinese courses in local Chinese schools. She has over 18 years of teaching experience. She is passionate about education and spreading Chinese culture. She loves to share her education ideas with people and is the founder of Elite Chinese School. She is fluent in both Chinese and English.   (more teachers...)

English teachers:

Alison Kotlarz holds a B.A. J.D. (Law) and M.A. degree. She has over 10 years of teaching experience and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Roosevelt University. For the past several years, she has worked with students of all ages and specializes in test preparation including ACT, SAT and LSAT. 


Marcie Shepard has taught  English grammar, Rhetoric and Composition as well as ESL courses in grammar, writing and pronunciation for over 30 years at such colleges as Loyola University, Truman College, University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, to name a few. She holds an M.A in ESL and completed her Ph.D coursework in Educational Psychology in 1982. She has also taught Developmental English at Evanston Township High School and tutored students of all ages.


Elizabeth Powers graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with honors. She is a certified K-9 elementary teacher. Besides working as a professional teacher, she has worked as a summer camp counselor and tutor with kids of all ages for several years. She is enthusiastic and creative and loves to plan fun activities for the classroom. 

Math teacher

Jialin Chen is a University of Chicago graduate with a major in Mathematics. She is a certified teacher and has more than five years of experience in teaching and tutoring mathematics up to college-level mathematics. She has also been a college advisor and test preparer for three years. She is fluent in both English and Chinese.  (more teachers...)

Art Teacher: 
J. Zheng graduated from the Chinese Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (one of the best Fine Arts institutes in China) and possesses a deep understanding of fundamental skills in painting and sculpture. He has won third place and honorable mention at the National Art Exhibition. Zheng has many years of education experience teaching the arts in Liaoning Province in China. In the United States, he has been engaged in the oil painting, watercolor, sculpture. Subjects he taught include still life and portrait sketching, oil painting, watercolor, clay sculpture, and acrylic painting. His students have won a variety of competitions and awards.


Nonna Mynatt is a professional artist who has taught painting and drawing for many years both in College and her own art studio. Her art work is exquisite. Her creative teaching style makes her class fun, energetic and productive. Her personality makes students feel comfortable around her.  


Kungfu, Tai Chi
Master Kaifei Song has a vast experience in many kungfu area. He was certified by Chinese Goverment as "Wu-Ying" level Wushu athlete, first degree Wushu coach and judge. He also has been appointed as a vice head coach for Shaolin Fighter Monk Team. He teaches Shaolin style kung-fu including bare-hand self-defense and all kind of weapons for sport and competition. Master Song also teaches Tai Chi. He has successfully trained many national First Place Winners in Wushu performance and San-Da (sparring and self-defense), competitions in China, Indonesia and USA.


Basketball, Badminton Coach & Dance teacher
Bailey North is our basketball coach. Angela Wu is our badminton coach. Danielle Bitout, Brianna Bitout, Ashlee Mally, and Ashleigh Alm are our dance teachers. They are a group of young, energetic, talented and award winning sports' player and dancers. They are an inspiration for all of us.

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