American Math Contest 10 (AMC 10) Syllabus 

The main purpose of AMC 10 is to “spur interest in mathematics and to develop talent through the excitement of solving challenging problems in a timed multiple-choice format”.

1 Purpose/Goal
The purpose of this course is to identify the math principals behind the challenging problems commonly appeared in AMC 10 and explain the techniques to solve them. These problem-solving skills should help students improve contest and class performance.

2 Course Content
Textbook: The school will provide textbook to the teacher. Students don't need to buy textbook

Exercise: mostly from on past AMC 10, may include problems from Mathematical Olympiads and AMC 12.

Polynomials and their zeros; exponentials and binomial theorem; triangle geometry and basic trigonometry; polygons; combinatorics and probability; number theory

3 Teaching focus
(1) In the process of teaching math, the teacher should encourage the students’ interest and courage to challenge difficult problems.
(2) The teacher should pay special attention to teach how to think outside of the box.
(3) The teacher should encourage the students to do exercise and try different approaches to the problem.

4 Grading
The grading will be based on homework (30%), class participation (20%), and midterm exam (20%) and final exam (30%). A = 90% and above, B = 80% - 89%, C = 70% - 79%, D = 60% - 69%

Good News:

Smile Our 3rd.grade students 蔡子轩, 牛娅萌's essays were published in CSAUS magazine 2013 (IV). 

SmileOur 2nd grade student Ellen Niu (7yr.) was awarded second place in The 1st Chinese Essay Competition in Mid and East America. She was rewarded with a trophy and a $200 prize. 

Ellen's winning essays:

SmileStudents' essays published in Magazine and Newspaper:

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